Safe Home

Safe Home (SH) in 2013 was established with the objective of providing rehabilitation for women and their children under the age of five-survivors of domestic violence, abuse, exploitation, and has mental health problems. It includes the provision of shelter, medication, counseling, yoga, work therapy, skill training and income generation support, reintegration and their follow-up thereafter. The program is partly supported by GORDON OLDHAM, World Development Relief, and by the local people (Cash or in-kind). All the women and their children are referred from government agencies  District Police Office, One Stop Crisis Management Centre, District Administration Office, Municipality and Ward Office for example. Currently there are 26 women with severe mental health problem resides in our safe home.     In the SH we have women and girls were refered found on the streets and those abandoned by families and communities.

We work to rebuild their lost hope and also regain a sense of a purpose and joy in life. Through protection, treatment and counseling, they feel a little safer. They learn to socialize and enjoy the company of the group members and staff.

From 2013 to 2017 total 106 women and their children have received comprehensive rehabilitation services so they are enjoying their life with their families and friends. Usually around 15 to 20 women are living in the SH.