Resilience for Peace

Resilience for Peace is a project aimed at supporting conflict victims, victims of torture and people who are at risk of psychosocial disabilities, domestic violence, torture, etc. through psychosocial support, counselling, advocacy and other innovative initiatives. It builds the capacity of Community-based organizations (CBOs) for victims of torture – Yatana Pidit Society (YPS) and Kopila Independent Development Societies (KIDS), a registered umbrella organization of self-help groups to make them capable of dealing with conflicts, concerns and crisis response on their own. 

In cooperation with Civil Peace Service of GIZ since 2019, KOPILA Nepal supports people who had suffered torture during the armed conflict, towards emotional healing, advocacy for their rights to truth and reparations, and documenting and sharing their stories for purposes of Dealing with the Past. In addition, KOPILA Nepal support organized groups of women who are educated of their rights and supported to resolve and prevent conflicts within families and communities. The overall project objective is that “local governments take on responsibility for psycho-social well-being of victims of violence and their families/communities.”