Empowerment for Equal Opportunity

In partnership with World Development and Relief since 2009, KN has been running the project to support destitute women and children in enabling them to enjoy equal rights and opportunities. Furthermore, the project aims to strengthen the socio-economic condition, promote access to rights. The project incorporates activities such as; awareness and advocacy, training on legal rights and entitlements, income generation support, psychosocial wellbeing support as well as financial sustainability programs. Through this project, efforts are made to reduce the prevalence of discriminatory practices that have led to gender based violence such as witchcraft and child marriage in Kaski.

For the most marginalized women and children we seek a solution to life that is independent of fate. First of all, we identify their needs. Based on that, sometimes advocacy is needed, but sometimes the problems can be resolved in the community with the assistance of KN. Equally important, we inform about their rights on property (after a divorce or death of a husband), provision from the government, help for single women so they regain their self-respect and promote acceptance of such women in the community by counseling on a larger scale. They also registered as KIDS and are working together as a role model.